Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Speaking of Rhyme

The 064 Novel/Film class wrote name poems. I just asked them to write something short with their name and a rhyme for it. I tweaked occasionally.

Here they are:

My name is N.B.
I’m gonna make a CD
You can watch me on TV.

Tomorrow Tomohiro
Will have two Mellow Yellows.
And then he’ll say good morrow.

I am Jay,
I am kind.
Like a gentle wind
In your mind.

Seo Young
Sing a song,
So fun, sing along.

My name is Hyun Sung;
Just call me Handsome.
Namu means tree—
But she’s a flower to me.

We meet Jun at noon
on the moon
with a spoon.
What’s he doin’?

Is in jail
But he will not go to hell.

Hui has a key.
Follow me,
says he,
to Lee in the sea.

Raid sighed.
Raid cried.
Raid died.
And I lied.

Moo likes blue
And loves what is true.

Hey, Sun,
I love to see you shine.
Where’s Hae Lim?
She’s at the gym.

Alan Alan Alan
Sounds like island.
Maybe like heaven.
People like Alan.

Jay, hey,
How ya’ doin’, Jay?
Do you want to play
Every day?

I want Maxime
On my team.
That’s my dream.

Raeed don’t need weed.
He needs a bird that can breed.

Abdull is cool
Swimming in the pool
Abdull Abdull

Ha Ha Ha

Ji Hoo
How are you?

And please come in,
Mi Jin.

Hassan’s like the sun—
Nice in his talk,
And gentle in his walk.

Don’t rent that apartment, Khalid;
It’s squalid.

For the Students Who Were Absent

Sorry, Saori, and also Pei Pei
I missed you today.

why did you go
so far?

Where are you,


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